Friday, June 19, 2009

Update, previous inspections.

May 22: Feeder is empty. I did not replace the empty feeder, eventhough the bees were still taking some sugar water. I removed the entrance feeder support.

May 29: Full inspection, with the intent of removing at least one brood frame with my new frame tool. This was a warm day, and the hive was very active. Here are pictures of entrance activity just before the inspection:

After removing the roof, quilt and top cloth, the top bars were exposed. I smoked the bees just before this shot. What we don't see is how the combs are all inter-connected, and un-removable. What a mess!

The top Medium is heavy. After removal, here is the top bars of the second body:

The second medium also has its combs all braced together. I didn't even bother trying to remove combs. It is lighter than the top medium.
The third and fourth boxes do not contain combs at this time.

Next inspection in 2 weeks.

June 13 Inspection:
Top box REALLY heavy.
Box 2 somewhat heavy, but lighter than box 1.
Box 3 has some combs, finally. No brood yet. The frame tool allowed me to easily lift the frame. All the frames were set closer to each other (touching) to minimize brace combs.
Box 4 is empty. All frames set next to each other.
No picture of open hive, but here are pictures of hive entrance activity before the inspection:

June 19: At the Hive entrance.
Today is rainy, not a day for an in-hive inspection. A quick check at the hive entrance reveled 3 bees staying put, with wings looking abnormal, and a slightly darker color than the other bees:

Here is a close-up:

One of them was flapping her wings, but she apparently could not fly. I went later at night to check, and two of the 3 bees were still there.

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