Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hive Entrance activity

After many days of rain followed by a week of freezing temperature, we finally had a sunny weather today. I checked the hive at round 11:30pm and was surprised to see good activity on the landing board. The reduce entrance was looking too small at times. It is just wide enough to allow 2 bees to go through, side by side.

It looked like some of the bees were flying away from the hive, not just only around, as in cleansing flights.
There was a lot of wind, but the hive is partially sheltered.
Hopefully all is going well inside.


  1. Hi Andre,

    I found your blog from the bee forum; it's lovely. It's always nice to be able to keep tabs on other local beeks.



  2. Hi Sonja,

    thanks for visiting.
    Beautiful pictures on your website.

    I also do gardening, raise chickens, and love hiking. I used to live in Gold Bar, and have a blog of my bicycle trips there: