Thursday, May 6, 2010


On Tuesday, I checked the 3 hives in Snohomish (#3, 4 and 5). #3 and 4 were still on their first can. #3 was 1/2 empty, #4 3/4 empty. #5, on its second can, was empty again. All were refilled on May 4th.
May 5th, I checked the hive in Sultan (#2), it was empty (smaller 1/2 size can), so it was refilled, and a second entrance feeder was added, so 2 full jars for #2.The 2 jars were bigger (normal size, similar to other hives). A few dead bees were visible in the entrance board.
The weather is cold and wet. The sun finally came out today, Thursday, and a few bees were flying. I am worried about #3, which has wax debris on the bottom.

As far as feeding, here is the count:
#1 has its own honey stores, no feeding.
#2: 1/2 can
#3: 1/2 can
#4: 3/4 can
#5: 2 cans.

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