Monday, July 26, 2010

List of colonies

Now that I am managing my 6 colonies plus Kristen's colony, as well as helping Andy's 2 colonies, I need to stay clear on the need and status of each colony. I will know the status after the August 15th inspection, here is the list:

L1 = Gold Bar (Mike F). 2009. Swarmed in 2010. Medium strength at last inspection.
L2 = Sultan (Alex S). 2010 package. Weak colony.
W1 = Snohomish garden. 2010 package. Weak.
W2 = Snohomish barn. 2010 package. Medium.
K1-W3 = Snohomish small pasture. 2010 wild swarm. Weak.
W4 = Gold Bar (Rob R). 2010 swarm from L1. Medium.
W5 = Mill Creek (Chris W). 2010 wild swarm. Weak to medium.

Material/care need for each colony:

L1 = inspection & Harvest, winterization. Fix quilt screen (falling apart).
L2 = inspection and winterization.
W1 = inspection, screened sump, move further from electric fence, set with 9 top bars, winterization.
W2 = inspection and harvest, screened sump, removal of broken comb, set with 9 top bars, winterization.
K1-W3 = inspection, cleanup of dead brood from W3, screened sump, winterization.
W4 = inspection and harvest, screened sump, increase roof size, set with 9 top bars, winterization.
W5 = inspection and winterization. Possibly cleanup of messed combs. Screened sump.

All this should be done during the August 15th inspection & harvest, so I'll be busy during the next 2 weeks.

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