Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 24: Hive Entrance

This morning I checked around the hive and notice that the different hive bodies are not joining perfectly. There is a gap of about 1mm in several areas, which could produce too much draft. I decided to tape around the hive, at each hive body junction. Hopefully the bees will propolis all this.

Today was the first sunny day of the week, after 5 days of rain, and the bees were very busy. In the following picture, several bees are fanning, while another is coming in with pollen.

A wasp can be seen eating the sugar syrup form a leak.
The hive was very active during the whole day. I made some progress on the fence, and got thyme seeds planted in the green house for the bee yard. I plan to use creeping thyme as a ground cover for the beeyard, hopping that this will help the bees fight varroa.

Next weekend will be the second inspection (if weather allows) with inspection of brood.


  1. Nice looking hive, are you using all mediums ?
    You dont need to worry about the small gaps, as they fill out the box and it gets heavier they will close out, or the bees will do it. I just removed the inspection boards on mine as the ventilation should help them out.

  2. Hi Dave,

    yes, I am using all mediums. So far I have 2 almost filled with combs. I am not confident enough to remove the frames and look for brood. I hope to do that during the next inspection.

    Thanks for commenting.