Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17th: at the hive entrance

After yesterday's inspection, I was a little puzzled about finding bees inside the quilt, burrowing in the wood chips, and then getting stuck under the roof. I wonder if they were trying to get more ventilation.
At the hive entrance, intense activity. The entrance board is crowded. Looking at where the bees were flying, I noticed many were just flying around making a loop and coming back. I wonder if they were cooling off. There were a row of faners on the landing board.

I put a piece of cardboard on the west side to shade the hive, as this side was getting really hot in the afternoon sun. I lifted the upper hive body by about 2mm to create some ventilation. The bees had already propolised it from yesterday inspection.

I am worried that my hive doesn't have enough ventilation, been in direct sun.

Outdoor temperature was in the 90s.

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