Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday August 4th 2009 inspection

I inspected the hive again today, coming back from weekend, just before leaving again for a full week. I wanted to verify if the colony swarmed. As expected, no swarm cell visible.
While removing the upper body (REALLY heavy), I removed a few brace combs filled with honey, and we got to taste the honey for the first time: delicious! The whole family liked it.
I removed frame 1 and 10 of the 3rd body, and placed them in position 4 and 6 of 4th body, to incitate the bees to start building into the 4th body. These two frames were partially build (~75%), with honey and pollen, no brood.
The bees were noticeably more aggressive that previous inspection, probably because some honey was spilled while cutting combs.
Not a single drone visible. They all have been evicted, the colony is preparing for the Winter. With 3 bodies, there won't be a big harvest this year, maybe a few frames only.

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