Sunday, April 25, 2010


Karen got a voice mail saying that hive#2 was tipped over by a lawn mower, just one week after been populated, so we rushed there to take care of it. Here is our first sight of the hive:

I rushed to where I could see the cluster of bees, and was relieved to find most of the bees there, and some combs that didn't look too damaged. After just one week, the bees had built a good amount of combs:

The two lower suppers were easy to reset, since they were empty of bees. The third supper on top was delicately put back, without comb braking:

The combs that the bees built in just one week were beautiful. 6 frames were started. You can tell on the pic below that the combs bent when the hive fell. It was fortunate none broke.

Some comb crushing is visible. I pushed the bent combs back to vertical as well as I could.

Some more cool combs:

Here is a comb in its frame, after I straightened it:

Closeup on that same comb:

Another well populated frame:

The colony did not look too distressed, although I was surprised how mild they were while I was manipulating the combs. I was happy that the colony was saved without too much damage.

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