Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Langstroth/Warre sections

Since Hive #1 is using standard Langstroth equipment, I needed to build more sections to increase the size of the hive for swarm management. I will nadir two sections this weekend.
I bought two western supers without frames yesterday night. Instead of frames, I will just put top bars. Total cost of a western box is $20. Without the cost of the frames, a Lang hive becomes a lot cheaper.
I will post pictures as soon and I find time to buy batteries...

When the first strong nectar flow will start, I will put a comb-honey super on top of the hive. Warre management makes it very easy to do comb honey. This is also good swarm control, as a Warre hive is less prone, but not totally immune, to swarming.


  1. Could you explain why a warre hive is less prone to swarming? I haven't heard this before.

  2. Hi Rusty,
    thanks for visiting.
    In a Warre hive, the empty supers are added at the bottom. To control swarming, just make sure the lower section stays empty. You can actually add several empty sections at once before a strong nectar flow.
    I shouldn't have said the warre hive is less prone to swarming. What I meant is that swarming control is easier with a Warre hive.

  3. This is only correct if there are open cells below the brood ball. You need to provide space for the queen to lay in while the rest of the bees fill surrounding comb with unripened nectar (swarm-prep). Open-air below the brood ball does not prevent, slow or otherwise hinder swarming in any way.