Monday, April 26, 2010

Using a Langstroth as a Warre

Until now, I have used my two Langstroth with normal frames, but without foundation. I also used nadiring instead of supering. The quilt was made out of a shallow super.
I decided to go a step closer to Warre for all the new western supers I will need from now on: I will use top bars instead of full frames. The following pictures show how I made the top bars from 1x2 lumber. The lumber was sliced in half, into two 1x1 pieces, then cut the same length as a Langstroth frame, and notched at the end. Here is how they fit:

And here is how a top bar looks, from top and side:

This significantly reduces the cost of a Langstroth beehive. It also allows people with a lot of Langstroth hardware to use Warre management with minimal changes.

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  1. Keep us informed if it is a viable alternative to "real" Warre'...