Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hive Design: Escape Board

Today, I checked W2 sump and saw that the combs are now reaching the screen bottom board. I am going to harvest on Saturday, so now is a good time to put an escape board, and add an empty hive body at the bottom. I immediately got to work on building an escape board, since it was already ~ 6pm. About an hour later, I had my first escape board built. I set it next to W2 hive, on top of an empty hive body. Here is the bottom view:

And here the top view:

W2 suffers from ant infestation, so the quilt was removed yesterday. Here is how the hive looked like just before I opened it:

Here, the escape board is set in place, just before I set the top body full of honey to be harvested, and the roof:

The harvest will be two days from now. We will see how well the escape board performs.

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