Friday, August 13, 2010

Inspection on W1

W1 was inspected, equipped with a better sump (from W5) and moved a few yards because it was too close to the electric fence. Only the top hive body is filled, and there is some weight in it. This is a small colony tugging along, and if the end of the season is good, they may make it. They would need to fill a second hive body for that. I will probably feed them at some point. Here too, the quilt was filled with ants, like with W2, so it was removed. The colony was on 3 hive bodies, I removed one. I have some hope for this colony, but there obviously will be no harvest.
Tomorrow is harvest time for W2, and inspection on K1-W3. K1 will get its roof and quilt back, since it was borrowed for W5.
Sunday, I will inspect L1, L2 and W4, and I may harvest some honey too.

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