Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inspection of W2, new sump

Today, W2 got a new sump with a mouse guard, a screen bottom board, and a sticky board for monitoring varroa. W2 needed to be inspected since a comb broke and fell to the bottom of the hive during the last inspection.
W2 is doing good, with the top body full of honey, and the second body full of brood and honey. The broken comb was replaced. The comb was laying at the bottom, partly laying on the landing board
W2 is the first hive to get the new sump. Pictures of the design will be posted tomorrow. The next hive to receive the new sump will be W5, because the bees decided to start building on the lower body, and one comb is now extending in the sump. That comb will have to be cut.

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